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Post by Murkey on Thu Dec 25, 2014 3:55 pm

So yeah, here I am trying to make up for my inactivity Razz

but to the point, My name is Ole Mattis Sylling, also goes under nicknames likes Murkey, Ez, Eztatic (gamertags) or Ole irl and on skype. Norwegian guy of 19 years who is currently studying and figuring out what the h*ll I can live with as my field of work. As said, currently studying 3D animation and Design where i have found a keen interest and joy (at last! Very Happy )

I love games, reading, my friends and music in the terms of piano and singing.

i'll also throw in this picture of myself, just to follow the trend~
Murkey/Eztatic Christ10
and before you ask, that fine lady you see there is not my GF or any other relationship, but a great friend i've found on my new school Razz

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