Revelation field trip: A day at the beach

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Revelation field trip: A day at the beach

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 11, 2014 6:15 am

To follow up last weeks' Jungle adventure

On Saturday the 15th, reset +10
Hainan Island
A trip to the beach

Random teams of 3 will compete in 3 events
3v3 PvP CL style, with some disabled mercs (*with a twist. Details when we get there)

Winners of each event, will get the amount of points as the number of teams participating, 2nd place - 1 less and so on.
Team to gather the most points, wins!

1st place - Black dragon ring + gear box of your current level
2nd place - Fallen power (Ring) + Minotaur King statue (10 days)
3rd place - a Nouvelle cousine feast

And since it is a trip to the beach, there will be special prizes for those who dress accordingly (doesn't need to be an IM outfit, lot of the armor are skimpy enough to pass for a swimsuit)

* There'll be a Grooveshark channel playing beach music during the event. Most likely Radio Sonnia


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Re: Revelation field trip: A day at the beach

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 11, 2014 9:43 am

Wow that sounds fun Smile


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Re: Revelation field trip: A day at the beach

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:33 pm

The first event was fishing. Every player got 5 bamboo fishing rods to use 10 spoiled baits

The fish caught, were given to Albert, to see who got the most fishing points. Since some of the contestants also managed to catch boxes and things, those were also taken in to consideration, when counting points

The top 3 of the first event were: CallistoMoon, NYF and khashide

2nd event - CL style pvp with main + 4 mercs of the same gender as the main character

and the top 3 of this event were: NYF, PrettyPanda and DARKWISE

Here's an image from the finals.

The 3rd and last event was quiz, but not just any quiz - 10 questions, 'family feud' style - the contestants had to guess the most popular answers to these 10 questions and since the best way to describe this event was, quoting CallistoMoon i am lol so much my eyes running, I'll just post here all the questions with answers I got from players.

1. Name something in your house with four legs.
sakimaHero chair
galifax -
PrettyPanda cat
khashide  sofa
callistoMoon rat
klahani table
darkwise bed
elocinai dog
nyf cockroach

2. Name something specific that keeps a race car driver from injury.
sakimaHero luck
galifax -
PrettyPanda seatbelt
khashide airbag
callistoMoon god
klahani rollbars
darkwise safe driving
elocinai helmet
nyf jockstrap

3. Name a part of the body men put cologne on.
sakimaHero penis
galifax -
PrettyPanda chest
khashide ears
callistoMoon butt
klahani belly
darkwise hand
elocinai neck
nyf face

4. Name something a woman might consider trading with her best friend for one day.
sakimaHero tampons
galifax -
PrettyPanda boyfriend
khashide purse
callistoMoon bag
klahani shoes
darkwise tits
elocinai accessories
nyf blouse

5. If an angry dog was chasing you, what would you do?
sakimaHero bite the dog
galifax -
PrettyPanda trip the next guy
khashide run
callistoMoon hit it with bag
klahani pepperspray
darkwise stand still
elocinai hide in house
nyf kill it

6. Name a way eggs are prepared that could also describe a person.
sakimaHero hard
galifax -
PrettyPanda overeasy
khashide scambled
callistoMoon i dont know
klahani hard boiled
darkwise midy
elocinai fried
nyf poched

7. Name something people ask for when they wake up with a hangover.

sakimaHero location
galifax tomato juice
PrettyPanda their name
khashide toilet
callistoMoon coffee
klahani aspirin
darkwise morphine
elocinai ice pack
nyf water

8. Name something your body has that starts with the letter "L."
sakimaHero looks
galifax lumbar
PrettyPanda lint
khashide leg
callistoMoon liver
klahani lips
darkwise leyes
elocinai ligament
nyf lid

9. Name something that expires.
sakimaHero life
galifax library card
PrettyPanda yougurt
khashide milk
callistoMoon boyfriends
klahani people
darkwise book
elocinai food
nyf meat

10. Name something you'd skip if you were late for work.
sakimaHero masturbation
galifax brushing teeth
PrettyPanda work
khashide shower
callistoMoon -
klahani fixing hair
darkwise cigarette
elocinai breakfast
nyf shaving

Trevaine had to leave before this and Galifax was afk half of the time

Based on all the points together, the winners were:

1st NYF
2nd PrettyPanda
3rd khashide
*First place also received a special extra, added to the pot by CallistoMoon, a blessing potion.


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Re: Revelation field trip: A day at the beach

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