Revelation field trip: Raccoon village

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Revelation field trip: Raccoon village

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 16, 2014 9:10 am

On Saturday the 22nd of November, Reset +10
Raccoon village (Japan)

No teams this time
Everyone will compete in 3 events
1. *hunger games* - 5 minutes for everyone to run off and hide inside japan (no entering portals), after which, everyone can request duel with anyone else they see (cl style pvp), with main +3 mercs (to make it faster). whoever's the last one alive, wins. Partying allowed, etc.
2. relay race - teams of 3 have to carry 'an item' and pass it on to next runner in the team, who then goes and runs a lap, after which, passing 'the item' on to next
3. quiz (family feud style)

Rewards will be the same as last time:
1st place - Black dragon ring + gear box of your current level
2nd place - Fallen power (Ring) + Minotaur King statue (10 days)
3rd place - a Nouvelle cousine feast

Dresscode: cuteness overload!
special rewards for those who follow the dresscode!

* There'll be a Grooveshark channel playing music during the event. Most likely Radio Sonnia


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Re: Revelation field trip: Raccoon village

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 23, 2014 1:32 am

And here are the results

1. [Hunger games]
1st place xxLester
2nd Soninha
3rd Lavahna

2. Relay Race
1st PrettyPanda, xxLester, katzyBaby
2nd twstdIrish, nayleen, milambre
3 jonaq, elocinai, bobobobaobo

3. Quiz
1st prettypanda
2nd twistedirish
3rd elocinai

and the combined FINAL RESULTS:
3rd place. PrettyPanda
2nd place twistedIrish
1st place xxLester

I'm gonna mail you your rewards. Also, it's gonna take a bit with the special rewards for costumes.


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